Thanks for getting this far. Your curiosity tells us something about you and that means we are on the same page. You like the outdoors. You are excited by freedom - real uninhibited freedom. You like exploring islands, mountains, beaches, forests, obscure alleys and anything remote and unknown. You like the wind in your hair while you cruise the coast, streets and trails.  And if you're not outside doing these things you're certainly daydreaming about it. That's the person we're willing to bet you are, and it sure as hell is who we are. So, it's nice to meet you and a big welcome to BURA!

BURA was founded in Taiwan by an adventurous graphic designer from South Africa with a childhood dream of creating a fun, joyful and classic clothing brand. 

We are based in Taichung. All products are shipped out from our studio here.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email us at hello@buralife.com


感謝您的光臨,您的喜愛告訴我們,您和我們的理念風格是相似的。您熱愛戶外活動,並且尤其鍾愛真正無拘無束的自由。您喜歡探索島嶼、山脈、海灘、森林、不起眼的街邊小巷以及其他遙遠和未知的事物。當您行走在美麗的海岸、漫步在古色古香的街道或是悠然地走在充滿綠意的小徑上時,那俏皮地撥亂您頭髮的風,是您在炎炎夏日裡,最清涼的記憶。如果您不得空,不在戶外享受這些事情,那您的心肯定會。我們打賭您是這樣人,因為我們就是這樣的人。因此,我們熱烈的歡迎您加入我們BURA大家庭 !




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